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A good range of commercial microwaves for fast re-heating and cooking for any size of catering kitchen or food outlet.

Daewoo 1100W Light Duty MicrowaveDaewoo 1100W Light Duty Microwave
Daewoo 1500W Medium Duty MicrowaveDaewoo 1500W Medium Duty Microwave
Daewoo 1850W Heavy Duty MicrowaveDaewoo 1850W Heavy Duty Microwave
Panasonic NE1027 MicrowavePanasonic NE1027 Microwave
Panasonic NE1037 MicrowavePanasonic NE1037 Microwave
Panasonic NE1853 MicrowavePanasonic NE1853 Microwave
Panasonic NEC1275 Combination MicrowavePanasonic NEC1275 Combination Microwave

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